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Inner Harmony
Strongsville, Ohio

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An intimate gathering of people chanting ancient Aramaic vocal intonations, that offer the opportunity of a direct, personal experience of these sacred expressions that are profoundly powerful and very similar to how Yeshua's (Jesus) listeners would have expreienced their depth of vibration within themselves nearly 2,000 years ago. 

Dale Allen Hoffman, international mystic/scholar from Asheville North Carolina, is our mentor.  He provides us with his handouts and guidance, and his presence when he is passing through town.  Check out the upcoming scheduled times or sign up for our e-mail list to stay up on the latest.  


Dale Allen Hoffman
Monday, June 22
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., $25

Dale Allen Hoffman will offer an Aramaic Toning, Prayer and Energetic Alchemy Circle. This intimate gathering offers intensive Aramaic, Hebrew and Egyptian vocal toning, transformational breath work and extended meditative silence. will offer extensive question and answer sessions with unfiltered, open dialogue. Learn the Gnostic Egyptian mystery school arts of tantric vocal toning and energetic soul alchemy.


Dale Allen Hoffman offers a living, breathing vision of the direct, practical application of The Yeshua Teachings from the ancient Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic Egyptian languages and cultures in which they were originally spoken and written. Dale is not a translator as much as he in an activator - a healing voice for awakening, much as Coleman Barks is for the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi. Dale's experiential focus is not on the Aramaic language or the words themselves, but rather on how to live within the hectic rush of our day to day lives from the deepest levels of our being. World renowned Grammy Award Winning musician Steve Vai says "I believe Dale's work is vital in the evolution of the awakening awareness of human consciousness."


Dale has published well over a dozen CD and DVD programs including "The Primal Voice: Transformational Toning" 4 CD set and "The Word: Sacred Illumination on the Original Aramaic Teachings of Yeshua" DVD. Dale's first book "Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Toning the Aramaic Words of Yeshua" about the practice of vocal toning, is slated for publication in August.

Reservations are a must! 

We always fill up to over flowing for Dale's workshops.

 Dale Allen Hoffman is one of the world's leading authorities on the direct practical application of the ancient Aramaic teachings of Yeshua (Jesus). He offers a living, breathing vision of many of Yeshua's most misunderstood teachings from the ancient Aramaic language in which He spoke them. Dale shares stunning insights from ancient sources including Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic manuscripts about the seemingly "miraculous" capacity of the human mind, our inherent Divinity and the awakening consciousness of humanity.