Inner Harmony
Strongsville, Ohio

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Barbara J. Clugh, MA, C.Ht.

Barb is a healer, teacher, and personal growth coach.  She is also a minister of Spiritual Peace Making acquired through James Twyman's seminary.  During the day, she works at FirstEnergy in leadership, employee and organization development. Her evenings and weekends are spent teaching Reiki, helping people get unstuck and change using hypnotherapy and life coaching, and assisting with physical wellness through the use of Reiki treatments, Reiki workshops and the use of vibrational therapies such as Acutonics tuning forks, drums and 7 metal Tibetan singing bowls. Barb also uses her voice singing with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and soloing at local Unity churches. 

Barb's current focus is on relearning the teachings of the Cathars of Southern France.  The time has come for these teachings to be brought back into our conscience awareness in order to bring the balance of the masculine and the feminine to the planet.   Mary Magdalene's voice has been silenced long enough.   The time returns.......