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The Time Returns

It is said that the Cathars of Southern France were the keepers of the true teachings of Jeshua which included those of Mary Magdalene.  Most of the fenimine Christ teachings have been hidden these millenia until such time when the world would be ready to receive them.  With the turn of the century and the shift of 2012 behind us, the time is now.  As Jeshua said, with eyes to see and ears to hear, we will be able to be open to the complete teachings, the Divine Femine, that which Mary Magdelene is ready to reveal. 

Corky and Barb have heard the call to bring these teachings back into our awareness.  We began by visiting Southern France and the castle ruins of the Cathars and connecting with life from that time.  Montsegur, Puivert, Rennes les Baines, and Carcassonne are a few of the places where history began to reveal itself to us. 

Join Us and Ani Williams In Sourthern France June 2015!  We are taking a small group of pilgrims on a powerful journey to the places where the Magdalenes and their families lived, taught and raised their awareness to a level that connected them to ALL There IS.  If you are interested, please let us know immediately.  We are gathing monthly to become connected and plan our ceremonies for the sacred sites we will visit.  You can also visit Ani Williams (Troubadour, Muse and Guide) website to get more information about her.  

Mary Magdalene

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Corky and Barh have begun to learn from Ani Williams - someone we recommend highly for her music, guided tours and knowledge on Cathars, Templars, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and everything associated with these topics.  Check out her website:

Next Workshop:  

Sunday, June 1, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  Title: Mariham & Yeshua: That which has been hidden shall become known. 


Corky has had training in the Isha System.  This process has been created from the teachings of Mary and Yeshua.  We will be incorporating this into our teachings as well.  Check out the Isha page


Corky & Barb in Paris

Corky & Barb in Paris on their journey to discover Mary Magdalene teachings.

Call or e-mail for reservations! or 440-572-5672