Inner Harmony
Strongsville, Ohio

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Corky Larsen, CHT

Corky is a spiritual guide, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Shamanic Practitioner.  He studies the ISHA System of self discovery and is Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking through James Twyman’s Seminary.

Corky integrates his Gestalt Training, shamanic studies, Spiritual teachings, his connection to nature along with a lifetime of experiences into all of his work.

He uses stones, crystals, drums and magnetics in his “Cocoon Healing “ energy work.  Corky also brings his many years in Law Enforcement involving Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence counseling into his practice.

 Corky has traveled to Bali, Mexico, Italy and most recently Southern France working with healers, mystics and other light workers.  In addition to his healing practice, he also facilitates Drum Circle’s, Journey Drum Circles, Rock Reading’s and is licensed in the State of Ohio to perform marriages.

 Corky’s mission is to bring Peace to this world, work that must begin with finding his own “Inner Peace “.  Corky’s open heart, unconditional love and compassion bring heartfelt warmth and healing to all of his work.

The Time Returns ……. with ears to hear and eyes to see, the true teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene shall become known.