Inner Harmony
Strongsville, Ohio

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The Isha Judd System

The Isha Judd system is a powerful set of tools for expanding consciousness and self healing. The system is simple, based in honesty, integrity and love. It works on both the physical and emotional levels, but most importantly, it expands the experience of "love-consciousness". Anyone can use it; it has no doctrine or belief systems. It brings each individual home to themselves, home to their own truth, and empowers them to start making life-altering choices. Usually we are taught to analyze; to focus on trying to fix what we perceive as wrong within ourselves and the world, but this system works in the opposite direction; it teaches us to focus on the present moment, on love and perfection. Then, as the vibratory level elevates, everything that exists on a lower frequency just starts to fall away. It is simple, powerful and fast: ideal for modern people with busy lives. It's not about learning something new; in reality it's about erasing all that's based in fear, and coming back to a profound experience of joy, peace, and innocence. These experiences are the true nature of consciousness.



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