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Mary Magdelene

The role that Mary Magdelene played in the Christ story has been misrepresented for centuries.  The "saved" prostitute couldn't have been farther from the truth.  Mary was a powerful spiritual being of Light before she ever met up with Yeshua and she continued to spread her teachings around France long after he was gone from this physical plane.  And although some of her story has begun to come out with such things as the discovery of The Gospel of Mary, there is much more that is being learned as we continue to be led by her incredible energy. She feels that now is the time that people are able to be open to the rest of the story and she is revealing herself more and more to those who have committed to bring her Light to the world. 


Corky and Barb have heard the call to bring these teachings back into our awareness.  We began by visiting Southern France and the castle ruins of the Cathars and connecting with life from that time.  Montsegur, Puivert, Rennes les Baines, and Carcassonne are a few of the places where history began to reveal itself to us. 

MM & Yeshua Last Supper



Next Workshop:  

Sunday, June 1, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Title: Mariham & Yeshua: That which has been hidden shall become known. 

Also, we are planning a trip to Southern France to visit the sites where Mariham and Yeshua lived and taught.  May 2015 - probably the last week of the month.  Start saving your pennies!  And let us know if you are interested. 


Call or e-mail for reservations! or 440-572-5672