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Spiritual Peacemaking


Ministers of Spiritual Peacemaking


Corky and Barb attended James Twyman's Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking and were ordained as Minister’s of Spiritual Peacmaking in Assisi, Italy in Oct. of 2011.

The ordination took place after they and 40 other peace pilgrims walked from LaVerna, Italy to Assisi to celebrate the 25th. anniversary of the leaders of the major religions coming together for world peace.  We carried the Peace Prayers from the original gathering in 1986 back to Assisi and prayed them daily on the journey.

Corky and Barb include these teachings and the energy that has grown from them into their work as they explore and share their learnings on Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Check out the website for more information.

Corky & Barb's Ordination in Assisi

Corky & Barb's ordiination in Assisi with James Twyman, Mary Perry and a room of peace walkers.


St. Francis Mary Magdalene Yeshua

This is a piece of art we found in a convent - Convento di Montecasale - in Italy when we were on our peace walk.  It is St. Francis with Mary and Yeshua (Jesus) above his head.  We are now coming to realize how much Mary influenced St. Francis - equally as much as Yeshua.