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Yeshua (Jesus) is a very hard person to describe.  When you begin to dive into the history that has been hidden, no one ends up knowing quite how to describe him.  So I’ll do my best to put down what I have learned from reading, visiting sacred locations, and from my intuition.

Yeshua was born of the parents Mary and Joseph.  Not a virgin birth as we have been lead to believe.  His mother Mary’s family was of the Aaron lineage and his father Joseph’s family was of the David lineage.  These were very strong lineage’s in the Jewish faith. 

Yeshua was born with some special talents and had a gift for communicating with people.  From the age of 12 until about his late 20’s he is not mentioned in the Bible.  It is believed that during this time he had left his home, because he did not want to get married, and traveled to Egypt, India, Tibet and possibly the Far East to receive his teachings.

Upon his return home is when he met Mary Magdalene and was anointed by her with her special oil.  This is when he really became empowered,  empowered by Mary Magdalene his wife.



Corky and Barb have heard the call to bring these teachings back into our awareness.  We began by visiting Southern France and the castle ruins of the Cathars and connecting with life from that time.  Montsegur, Puivert, Rennes les Baines, and Carcassonne are a few of the places where history began to reveal itself to us. 

MM & Yeshua last supper


Next Workshop:   Sunday, June 1, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Title: Mariham & Yeshua: That which has been hidden shall become known. 

Also, we are planning a trip to Southern France to visit the sites where Mariham and Yeshua lived and taught.  May 2015 - probably the last week of the month.  Start saving your pennies!  And let us know if you are interested.

Call or e-mail for reservations! or 440-572-5672